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Warranty and Support Information

Warranty and Support Information Overview

Hardware Warranty

Datacom products ship with an existing hardware warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship for hardware under normal use and conditions. In the event of any such defect, the customer can return an item of defective hardware, freight prepaid, to DSI during the Hardware Warranty Period, and DSI will repair or replace the defective equipment and return it, freight prepaid.

New Purchase Replacement Policy

If within 30 days of shipment there is a hardware issue verified by DSI, another device will be shipped to the customer in advance of returning the original unit. This policy is subject to product availability and falls under Hardware Warranty Coverage.


Support contracts may be purchased to provide access to software, upgrades and updates for products. A purchased support contract also includes hardware warranty coverage. Products whose hardware warranty has expired, may extend the hardware warranty by purchasing a support contract. Support is purchased by specific model and serial number.  Customers should renew their support agreement prior to the expiration date.  If there is a lapse in coverage, the customer must reinstate the contract to include support coverage charges from the date of expiration of their prior support agreement.  A fee will be applied for any lapse in coverage.  This fee will be equal to 3 standard months of the support contract.  Initial support contracts, associated with a new purchase, commence from the date of shipment of product from Datacom Systems.

Datacom Systems offer a range of support offerings with varying capabilities – see table below. As part of the offerings, we provide customers the ability to receive another device prior to returning the existing unit (Advanced Replacement). Another unit is shipped to the address provided by the customer based on the timeframe associated with their level of Advanced Replacement Service. Advanced Replacement Service shipment timeframes are based upon successful communication with DSI's Technical Service department, opening a case for tracking purposes and the issuance of an RMA. The technical service department will also provide remote troubleshooting and configuration review as a confirmation that the device should be returned under RMA. This communication is designed to ensure the device should be returned for analysis and the appropriate model number and shipping information is included with the advance replacement device.  Existing Standard support contracts that are upgraded to Premium or Extended levels or any level support contracts that are purchased after a lapse in coverage, will be effective 30 days from the receipt of order.   Non-defective returned items are subject to a 15% restocking fee.