Visibility solutions for data security, reliability, and compliance in healthcare

Empowering the Next Generation of Health Technologies

In this ultra-competitive landscape, consumer engagement, patient safety, and next-generation care are more critical than ever. For this reason, nothing short of 100% secure and reliable networks in Healthcare will do. Recent and constant attempted data breaches on healthcare platforms and HIPAA regulations have put patient data security at the forefront of Healthcare organizations.  24/7 access to networks in the healthcare industry is crucial to the protection of and access to data.  Organizations who utilize network visibility and monitoring tools never have to wonder if they have captured all the network traffic.   


  • Complete network visibility 
  • Secure patient data from cyber criminals 
  • Network optimization 
  • Save time and considerable resources 
  • Creating secure end to end solutions 
  • Reduce traffic to your tool set 

Case Studies

Balancing HIPAA Compliance and BYOD with Improved Network Architecture

Anthem Proved Health Insurer Networks Need More Than Data Encryption


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