Network visibility solutions for federal, state, and local municipalities

The foundation needed to secure the most critical applications

Federal, State and Local Government including Education need network modernization.  Cybersecurity and protection of sensitive data from a plethora of threats both domestic and foreign are constantly on the minds of IT professionals. Network Taps and packet brokers connect directly to the visibility platform which aggregates traffic.  Encrypted traffic can be decrypted and passed on to the security and monitoring tools rendering a complete picture of all aspects of the network both physical, virtual and cloud based.  Defending government and educational institutions with these secure solutions prepares the way for complete visibility. 


  • IT Modernization 
  • Round the clock solution 
  • Save valuable funding 
  • Solutions with multiple firewalls 
  • Visibility of all traffic  
  • Maximization of Tools 

Case Studies

An Overview of Government Surveillance with Network TAPs


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