The Foundation of Security Begins with Visibility

Enabling Prevention and Detection of Security Threats

Network Security is one of the most important aspects of a Network Engineers job.  With constant threats like the SolarWinds hack, increased Ransomware attacks, DDOS attacks and many others mission critical organizations must be on alert at all times.  The best way to protect yourself is to be able to see the threats coming at you. By deploying a suite of Network TAPs, Bypass Switches and Network Packet Brokers you can ensure the threats in your network are seen by the tools you’ve invested in. 


  • Identify malicious traffic
  • Protect security tools from causing network downtime
  • Flag policy violations
  • Optimize traffic so tools can provide intelligence

Case Studies

Developing an Effective Incidence Response Plan

A guide for converged networks

Deploying Network TAPs for Improved Security

A guide for network architects

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