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Introducing Two New Bypass Switches for 10G/1G Appliances

Introducing Two New Bypass Switches for 10G/1G Appliances

Oct 20 2016


Issues with in-line appliances can slow down your outbound network traffic and are nearly impossible to troubleshoot. Keeping these appliances up and operational regardless of scheduled down time, in-line appliance upgrades, or network failure is critical. When installing security solutions that employ in-line devices, there is a delicate balance between protecting the network and allowing the production network to flow unobstructed. The latest bypass switches from Datacom Systems offer uninterrupted visibility of 10G network links along with several customizable features.

Datacom introduces the DURAstream™ DS-1404 and DS-1406 bypass switches, easy-to-manage stand alone models providing failover for data monitoring of critical 10 Gigabit network segments. Line rate throughput and real-time data forwarding hardware protects data and allows critical voice and data applications to perform uninterrupted, meeting high demands for quality and security.

Deployed with in-line devices such as an intrusion prevention system (IPS), data loss prevention (DLP), or deep packet inspection (DPI) appliances, both the DS-1404 and DS-1406 create comprehensive monitoring solutions. The DS-1404 allows you to install one in-line appliance on a single network segment. The DS-1406 model allows up to 2 in-line appliances and offers a high availability mode that switches from the failed primary appliance to the secondary appliance, without network downtime.

When configured, the bypass switches will send out email notifications on events such as appliance latency or failure, missing heartbeats and lost power. These notifications can be activated or deactivated and are fully customizable. They offer NTP for accurate logging or email notifications and have fully redundant hot-swappable power supplies.

To learn more about the DURAstream DS-1404 and DS-1406 bypass switches, including which model could best suit your organization’s needs, contact our Sales Team Today.