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Introducing Three New 10G Aggregating Taps from Datacom Systems

Introducing Three New 10G Aggregating Taps from Datacom Systems

Dec 13 2016

Network updates can put a lot of stress on your network security system. Whether department- or organization-wide, an upgrade can lead to gaps in network security caused by tools that can’t keep pace. To help counter these challenges, and to provide more options for data collection and analysis, Datacom Systems has released three new 10G aggregating taps with media and speed conversion capabilities to ensure your network is protected before, during, and after a network update.

SINGLEstreamTS-1404 and 1406 10G aggregating taps offer in-line solutions ideal for security applications and network monitoring. These taps are invisible to the network and completely passive and fault-tolerant, ensuring that traffic is unaffected on connected network devices in the rare event of power loss.

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The SINGLEstream™ TS-1404 is equipped with two any-to-any ports, enabling multiple tools to connect to the same link for redundancy, testing, advanced monitoring applications or even SPAN input. The TS-1406 has two additional ports, allowing for up to 4 devices to receive duplicate copies of network traffic while eliminating contention for scarce SPAN ports and test access points.

The taps’ aggregation features combine network traffic to provide enhanced visibility for one or more monitoring tools. With the TS-1404 and TS-1406, users can aggregate full duplex conversations, a critical requirement for network monitoring applications.

The new SINGLEstreamTS-2408 is an even more flexible option, tapping two links and outputting copies to four monitoring ports, or receiving input from SPANs. The TS-2408 offers automatic coverage of redundant networks, enabling a single tool to monitor two networks simultaneously.

All three of Datacom’s latest offerings include media and speed conversion capabilities. These are essential features for organizations anticipating network updates that could render monitoring tools unable to view the network traffic due to dissimilarity between the speed or media type. Network updates can cause links to change speed or even media type over time to accommodate new traffic topology requirements. The SINGLEstream™ TS-1404, TS-1406, and TS-2408 can be dynamically configured to dissimilar media monitoring tools access to network links.

As demands for faster networks speeds increase, organizations can expect that more frequent updates will become necessary. Organizations can opt to invest in new monitoring devices, however costs can quickly become unreasonable. New aggregating taps from Datacom can consolidate existing monitoring tools to reduce management expenses and lower tool costs.

If you would like to learn more about the latest 10G aggregating taps from Datacom Systems, contact our Sales Team today.