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Datacom Systems Trading Solutions (TradeView) purchased by Ixia

Datacom Systems Trading Solutions (TradeView) purchased by Ixia

Mar 28 2014

Datacom Systems (, a leading manufacturer of network taps, network packet brokers, data aggregation tools and other network access devices, announced today that the Company’s full portfolio of Trading Solutions has been purchased by network visibility provider Ixia (Nasdaq: XXIA).

Developed specifically for the Financial Services Industry, Datacom Trading Solutions—which includes the revolutionary TradeView™ multicast gap detection measurement tool—provides large-scale, cost-effective solutions for monitoring the transmission and timely receipt of critical market data within today’s fast-paced electronic trading environment. Recognizing this technology as a strategic fit for their current business, Ixia purchased the TradeView division from Datacom in March of 2014.

“Divesting of the TradeView division fits within Datacom's strategic plan of focusing on the Network Packet Broker business,” said Datacom’s Vice Chairman Peter O'Connell. “The TradeView business developed outside of our target market, and I am pleased that we were able to monetize that investment and focus efforts on the larger NPB market.”

Moving forward, Datacom Systems will continue to apply its over 20 years’ experience in developing advanced network access solutions for improved analysis and security applications to support its valued customers.

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