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How to Protect Your Business Against Thermal Management Failure

How to Protect Your Business Against Thermal Management Failure

Apr 15 2014

Thermal management is a major issue facing equipment manufacturers. Too much heat can lead to data loss, security breach, and complete product failure. With these considerations, Network Packet Brokers (NPB) and Tap manufacturers must provide aggressive thermal management solutions, beginning with a rigorous testing process to determine the high demands on their equipment.

Here’s what to look for from your manufacturer:

Devices tested at full capacity: Ensuring that an NPB or Tap can perform under the highest possible stress means they should be subjected to the most rigorous conditions during testing. Devices should be tested at the highest voltage input, with all ports running at full line rate and at their highest speeds. If any of the device’s components could malfunction, it will likely happen under these extreme conditions.

Environmental endurance: Whether customers have a single device or a full rack, reliability must remain consistent. However, devices are often exposed to dust or are covered with objects that can clog air inlets or outlets. Imitating these conditions during testing will guarantee that environmental interference won’t diminish the device’s performance.

Overcome unexpected malfunctions: Similar to environmental interference that can impact an NPB or Tap, blockages inside a device that utilizes a single or variable speed fan cooling system can result in overheating. Intentionally jamming the fans during testing will demonstrate how much interference a device can withstand while still functioning to the high demands of the customer and their industry.

Partnering with a manufacturer that conducts these testing procedures gives customers peace of mind, knowing that each device can withstand thermal management challenges that could compromise its reliability. As an independent NPB and Tap manufacturer, Datacom Systems offers this quality guarantee to all of our customers, testing to the highest standards possible. All of our devices are ”burned in” overnight and tested twice with Spirent test equipment to ensure our NPBs and Taps meet the highest quality and lowest failure rates available today.

We are proud of this dedication to manufacturing quality devices that serve our customers and will continue to drive Datacom products to their highest level of performance and beyond.