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Smaller Footprint - Helping Datacom Customers Cut Costs and Waste

Smaller Footprint - Helping Datacom Customers Cut Costs and Waste

Dec 12 2013

Many international suppliers face the challenge of reducing shipping costs for their customers in other parts of the world. This issue became a larger concern recently when pricing regulations changed from weight-based to volumetric size.

For years, Datacom’s methods for packaging and shipping our products focused on minimizing weight to save our customers from paying inflated fees, but with new regulations, it was time for a change.

The primary challenge we faced was how to decrease the volumetric size of our packaging while protecting products throughout the shipping process. A major obstacle to decreasing overall package size was the foam cushioning material used to support the taps in transit. Datacom needed an equally stable material to ensure a superior level of protection. The answer was a carefully designed cardboard structure that locked the tap into place without the need of a foam barrier. This not only enabled a smaller, more compact design, but it also produced a 100% recyclable shipping method,
saving money for our customers as well as protecting the environment.

In the end, these improvements have resulted in a 50% decrease in volumetric size of our packaging for both domestic and international customers, and up to 30% savings for some international shipping costs. In addition, Datacom has also transitioned most of our instructive manuals, such as User Guides and Command Line References, from paper to online files. This change alone has saved over a ton of paper in the past two years.

These are just a few of the ways Datacom continually strives to enhance efficiency, both for our organization and for our clients. Contact us to learn how your business can benefit from our expertise in network access solutions.