The Foundation of Network Monitoring Begins with Visibility

If You Can't Access the Data, You Can't Monitor the Data

Without the proper visibility solutions in place you are blind to what is actually happening on the links of your network.  Companies using SPAN ports for these functions can only see what is happening on the box, but not on the links.  Network Monitoring requires a full set of Network TAPs, Bypass Switches and Network Packet Brokers so that you optimize the tools you have in place and quickly identify and address degradations on your network.  With the right Network Visibility Tools monitoring and troubleshooting become much easier and quicker.


  • Identify abnormal network behavior
  • Up to 80% confidence in network issue
  • Provide visibility on links between nodes
  • Optimize service assurance
  • Simplify network planning

Case Studies

Eliminating SPAN Port Contention

A guide for network architects

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