Modular Fiber TAP System

Tap up to 24 fiber links from 1G to 400G

Modular Fiber Tap System (FTC-24)

With up to 24 individual Tap Modules in 1 rack unit of height, the modular fiber tap system optimizes data center rack usage.

Ideal for security, network monitoring and analysis – anywhere that high density and maximum flexibility are required for monitoring multiple fiber links with speeds up to 400Gbps.

** Fixed density 8 link Fiber TAP model FTP-8000 and 24 link FTP-9000 are both available.

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This modular passive Tap system provides permanent access for up to 24 links. The flexible design allows tapping fiber links – from 1G up to 400G* Different fiber types and split ratios can be mixed – all in the same high density chassis. Individual Tap Modules are of ruggedized all-metal construction. The chassis can be partially or fully populated with a mix of modules, based on the needs of the location. Impact on network performance is exceptionally low, with latency of <10 ns, and does not affect reliability. Completely passive fault tolerant design. Links stay up even during outage or failure. Provides permanent access into as many as 24 fiber links. *(see datasheet for which modules support which speeds and schema)

Modular fiber tap components


  • Innovative design allows up to 24 individual Tap Modules in 1 rack unit of height – optimizes data center rack usage
  • Rugged fireproof metal module housing ensures proper fit of all Tap Modules into chassis
  • Integrated rear magnets and alignment pins provide easy swap-outs and“snap-to” alignment for every Tap Module
  • Thin film optical couplers and Corning ClearCurve™ fiber ensure predictable insertion loss and maximum stability
  • Available in single mode and multimode with LC or MTP/MPO connectors (dependent on topology)
  • Cable management tray allows proper cable dressing and adherence to bend radius standards
  • Metal handles allow easy installation and convenient cable securing point on every module
  • Provides full visibility – passes all full-duplex traffic (including errors) from all layers
  • Supports up to 24 of the LC connector Tap Modules or 16 MTP/MPO connector Taps per 1U (or any combination of types)


  • Flexible – modules are available in custom split ratios and mixed fiber types
  • Scalable – add more tap modules as the number of links increases
  • Easy to install – individual modules can be added or swapped without interrupting other links
  • Cost effective – lower overall cost than fixed tap systems
  • Passive and non-powered – no IP Address – 100% secure and immune to remote attacks
  • Guaranteed signal integrity – highest quality components used
  • Consistent – thin film couplers (most models) deliver stable predictable insertion loss
  • Full visibility – passes all full-duplex traffic (including errors) from all layers

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