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Datacom Systems and partnered Fujitsu Microelectronics, 10 giga Introduces monitoring solutions

New business Challenge of today, the network and the Security officer full-time person, over the Entire network, HAS Increased the need to PERFORM a more detailed Monitoring and Analysis for its many Links. To Cope with Demand for the performance and Security Increases, network monitoring tools, access performance of the required data, reliability and ease of introduction, has been demanded.

Datacom Systems, Inc. of all product lines for traffic visualization on passive network access and Each network link, the user, from Anywhere on the network, Providing access to critical data. 
So far, it HAS an introduction track record already amounting to tens of thousands all over the world, is our product, all of the leading troubleshooting, you say the best and the best solution for security and application monitoring tool.

For network access and network visualization to the network, the main advantage of get introduced Datacom Systems, Inc. products,

Improvement of network uptime  - 100% of network visualization, to Improve the network uptime, Also Contributes to Reduction of down time Improve the Investment Efficiency of the network tool - Allows the the Monitoring of many network in less than tool By to, you CAN Maximize your Investment in Security devices and Monitoring tool That HAS Been Introduced into the network performance and Improve Security - by Enabling 7x24 Constantly Monitoring access to all network data, more healthy Na, and more robust, Also Highly Efficient network CAN BE Achieved to reduce operational costs Management - license, without the use conflicts or maintenance of time setting, valuable SPAN port (mirror port) of network equipment and TAP (Test Access Point) to share, and then reduce the time and costs associated with on-site troubleshooting by introducing deployment and remote Management in central versatile connection options - copper Wire, fiber, Media conversion, inline, SPAN port, multiple-port configuration, aggregation, Filtering and resource sharing

From 10MB to 10GB, Datacom Systems, Inc., provides a solution for network access corresponding to all of the monitoring needs.


Datacom Systems, Inc. partners

Network Value component NEN Corporation Tsu IS a network Integrator HAS Always Pioneered the state-of-the-Art Products from the network Early days. From the Provision of networking Products, Development, consultation, until the construction and maintenance, by Making full use and state-of-the-art technology, wealth of knowledge and know-how, a novel planning and imagination, it supports any network phase in total.