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Internet of Things (IoT) Bringing Networks Together

Accessing relevant manufacturing metrics from legacy industrial equipment is a problem that Datacom Systems is solving in the field. Many current use cases of IOT are based on large industrial complexes, where heavy manufacturing equipment performs a variety of tasks that generate data. Some of these machines and Ethernet based industrial control networks are sensitive to EFI (Electromagnetic Field Interference).  In such environments, Datacom’s low noise copper TAP models 10/100-AT, 10/100/1000-TAP, and CTP-1000 are perfect solutions for gaining network visibility without increasing overall EFI. 

Datacom Systems employs no less than 20 products in the IOT space, which are used in various market segments including industrial applicationsOur low noise TAP models, targeted at industrial networks, all provide non-intrusive access to the links carrying data between sensors, machines, and control systemsCopies of the data can be sent directly to performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and analytics toolsTAP data can also be forwarded to Network Packet Brokers for aggregation with other data, and filtered to isolate particular protocols or specific device conversations. Keeping the performance of the manufacturing equipment optimized is key. Our producthelp ensure that engineers can gather error free data, and take necessary corrective actions.  Thousands of these units have been employed in avionics development labs, oceangoing vessels, heavy construction equipment manufacturing, and the automotive industry, among others. 

An important value-add to consider: if data is collected in Splunk, and there is a large data lake, analytics can be performed that will correlate the processes of manufacturing equipment data with finished product data. This can provide insights as to how the behavior of machines affects the quality of the product. Statistical process control tools can be acquired to do anything the customer may wish with the collected data

  • Gather relevant data from legacy equipment 
  • Monitor performance status of equipment 
  • Avoid costly breakdowns 
  • Utilize existing copper Ethernet industrial control networks 
  • Collect data from links non-intrusively 
  • Minimize potential EFI increase by utilizing low noise TAPs  
  • Increase efficiency of legacy and new manufacturing equipment 
  • Maximize cost savings of monitoring equipment

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