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In every company there are Regarding specific requirements. By Accessing and managing the network. Datacom Systems is a manufacturer, Which may correspond with his solutions to synthesis requirements.

In addition to 100% tested quality products, Datacom Systems offers the most complete range of network TAPs, and - through its years-ending Further development - mature matrix switch solutions.

So Datacom Systems is the leading manufacturer of Network Test Access Points (TAPs), Data Aggregation Tools and other network access solutions. Since its inception in 1992 Datacom Systems is known for top quality engineering and unmatched customer. As to innovator in this field, Datacom Systems has developed the revolutionary technology of the physical layer matrix switching and Continuously refined.

Datacom Systems equipment are used in millions of networks worldwide. Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Datacom Systems, to get insight into Their network, thereby saving significant IT costs each year.

Datacom Systems developed its product portfolio to Continuously Ensure did a suitable solution is available for all requirements.


network TAPs

Network TAPs Provide is a safe in-line access to the network, Which can be used for security, analysis and monitoring tools. Datacom Systems Provides reliable network TAPs did are fault-tolerant, non-intrusive and invisible to the network.


SINGLE stream ™ Link Aggregation Taps

SINGLE stream ™ Link Aggregation TAPs perform full duplex data (RX and TX) in a single stream together. Each affiliate monitoring solution can then receive a Full Duplex stream with a single NIC. Dual Link Aggregation TAPs allow the monitoring of two separate networks with a monitoring tool. All SINGLE stream ™ link aggregation TAPs are available with different media types and offer multiple monitoring ports.


VERSA stream ™ Network Packet Brokers

A VERSA stream ™ Network Packet Brokers is a multi-port device did Allows one or more network tools to monitors Several interesting points in the networks. Data Access Switches are an out-of-band solution did Provides SPAN (Mirror) Port Aggregation, Port Steering and in many cases, hardware-based packet filtering.


quality commitment

There is a standard feature did Applies to all products of Datacom Systems: Quality!

Our quality promise to our customers is did each product is rigorously tested. For this purpose use is made ​​of technology Spirent Communications to secure optimal performance.

  1. Final assembly Test with Spirent
  2. Overnight Burn In
  3. Second Test with Spirent
  4. Storage or delivery

This effort to Ensure the highest availability of our products is reflected in the rate of 99.9% in the field!