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Eliminate SPAN Port Contention

When streams of data are being monitored from several different teams, contention over SPAN ports can cause strain to the processing power of your network. This can lead to network down time, slower processing speeds and possible loss of data.

 At Datacom, we offer several solutions for eliminating SPAN port contention.

SPAN Port Contention Solutions from Datacom Offer:

  • 100% Network Uptime – many of our systems are entirely passive and won’t disrupt network operations even if power is lost.

  • Multiple interface monitoring tools.

  • Decreased reliance on switch resources for network management visibility. No more oversubscription or configuration errors.

  • Instantly deploy tools after installation.

  • Easy-to-share test access points without maintenance or need for approval.

  • Minimize management expenses and reduce MTTR.

  • Customize data flow to each tool.

  • Swapable load balanced power supplies.

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Eliminating Span Port Contention