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DURAstream™ In-Line Bypass Switch

Ensure 100% Network Uptime when Deploying In-Line Monitoring Solutions and Intrusion Protection Systems

In-Line Bypass Switch DS-2408

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In-line devices such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS,) Deep Packet Inspection (DPI,) or WAN Accelerators, present a potential point of failure on the network. When one of these devices malfunctions or becomes overwhelmed with traffic, network outages can occur. This presents serious challenges on network critical links.

DURAstream in-line bypass switches ensure your network’s most important data does not fail even when inline devices do. Deploying an in-line bypass solution guarantees uptime of critical links regardless of inline device performance by diverting critical network traffic away from malfunctioning in-line devices until such devices are operating normally.

DURAstream in-line bypass solutions provide easy-to-manage external active bypass providing failover for data monitoring of critical 1 and 10 Gigabit network segments. Line rate throughput and real-time data forwarding hardware protects data and allows critical voice and data applications to perform uninterrupted and meet high demands for quality and security.


  • Optimize reliability of critical network links
  • Prevent in-line solutions from being a single point of network failure
  • Fail-safe monitoring with in-line tools such as IPS and DPI
  • Improved uptime and security
  • Increased application availability
  • Upgrade and maintain in-line tools without network interruptions
  • Create a tool sandbox to pilot or deploy new tools

Additional Features

  • User configurable Heartbeat Mode monitors link status and health of in-line appliances
  • Flexible deployment options support multiple media types and media conversion
  • Redundant power supplies with power fail protection ensure monitoring uptime
  • Management remotely or locally with extensive CLI -supports SSH
  • E-mail event notifications on user-defined events
  • NTP Support

DURAstream™ Bypass Switch can monitor the health of in-line appliances by sending and receiving a heartbeat packet. A user programmable heartbeat packet can be injected into the monitoring port link to determine availability of attached monitoring devices or help determine delay due to high traffic volume.

In the event of power loss, the switch closes to create a physical connection, creating a passive bypass path to help prevent traffic interruption.

In High Availability mode, a primary and secondary appliance are installed on a bypass switch. The switch will swap between the primary and secondary appliance in the event of a loss of heartbeats or link. This allows the services provided by the appliance to be maintained even in the event of an appliance failure.

Manage your switch using built-in, easy to use CLI. Supports remote management, E-mail notifications, as well as event logging to monitor changes to your bypass switches and the connected devices.

DURAstream™ Bypass Switch Models

Data Sheet
In-Line Bypass Switch (DS1404)
in-line bypass switch ds-2408

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