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Out-of-band tools used for network analysis, application performance management, and intrusion detection all require access to the network. Aggregation, regeneration, and packet filtering solutions from Datacom Systems can deliver exactly the data these tools need to perform their critical functions.

What is a Link Aggregation TAP?

In its most basic application, a link aggregation tap is similar in nature to a traditional network tap – it is a purpose-built hardware device inserted into a network segment that allows you to access and monitor your network traffic.

While traditional taps might enable full-duplex monitoring of all traffic on a network link, they transmit the data to the connected monitoring device in two separate half-duplex streams (one for Tx and one for Rx). Not only does this require the monitoring device to have two network interface cards, it also requires that the device be capable of combining and processing both streams of data in order to monitor both sides of the conversation. Not all monitoring systems, including the most popular software solutions, have the required hardware to aggregate traffic.

A link aggregation tap combines both directions of a full duplex data stream and allows any connected monitoring device, including those with only one NIC, to receive a copy of all the data – in a single trace file.

diagram of aggregator tap

Why Aggregate Traffic?

Increasing demand for network service and performance means both network utilization and network speeds keep increasing. Network professionals need to deliver fast, efficient services to more people than ever. Security professionals have more to keep safe. And, the increased demand for data analysis is exponential.

Being able to access, monitor, and analyze network traffic from multiple sources (i.e. data aggregation) is an important and frequent requirement in network and data analysis.

Organizations can consolidate traffic from a high volume of network links of varying speeds and combine the critical data down to a number of ports that can be efficiently managed. Aggregating traffic reduces network complexity, increases throughput, and optimizes performance of monitoring, analysis, and security tools.

Additional use cases:

  • The number of links you need to monitor exceeds the number of tools you have available
  • Your network links and tools are not the same speed or media type (media conversion)
  • Reduce expenses with fewer “per port” or license costs charged by some tool vendors

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