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Returning from SharkFest 2016

Returning from SharkFest 2016

Jul 15 2016

For the second year in a row, Datacom Systems sponsored the much-anticipated SharkFest Developer and User Conference last month, once again held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. SharkFest is a weeklong conference that brings users and developers together to share ideas about improving the open source Wireshark packet analyzer and receive training on program use and best practices.

Maximizing network security was a central theme at this year’s event. Since companies are vulnerable to ever increasing security threat vectors, IT teams attend SharkFest to learn about new ways to improve visibility and to master the tactics necessary to maintain a competitive edge. 

SharkFest included expert speakers who provided tips and tricks to get the most out of Wireshark. Classes included “Top 10 Wireshark Features,” “Detection and Verification of Indicators of Compromise (IoCs),” “Troubleshooting in the Large Enterprise,” and many more.

Sponsoring this event gave the Datacom team opportunities to speak with leading network professionals and understand current trends and issues that can be applied to our products, giving customers extra levels of security. 

As an independent manufacturer of network packet brokers, taps, and other netnetwork visibilitynetwork visibility tools toolswork visibility tools that complement Wireshark, we are grateful for the opportunity to sponsor and participate in SharkFest. The event provides a chance to have conversations with our customers about new and existing Datacom products, along with upcoming features that will benefit Wireshark users. SharkFest is a great learning experience, connecting Datacom Systems with engineers, architects, and other professionals who share a common interest in networks, security, and of course, Wireshark.

To learn more about Datacom products and how to optimize them for use with Wireshark, contact our Support team today.

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