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Introducing the FTP-1518 40G Bidirectional Fiber tap

Introducing the FTP-1518 40G Bidirectional Fiber tap

Oct 16 2015

Over the past five years, 40Gbps Ethernet has been gaining traction and is fast becoming an industry standard. Organizations looking to upgrade from 10Gb to 40Gb speeds have historically struggled with the options of either overhauling their data centers or installing equipment that requires double the amount of fiber. Both of these options, while effective, can result in costly downtime.

To resolve this issue, Cisco developed a way to transmit 40Gbps traffic across the same cabling infrastructure as a network operating on 1 to 10Gbps Ethernet, quadrupling bandwidth with the use of bidirectional optics. This solution can help organizations avoid costly equipment upgrades and downtime, while bringing their networks up to the fastest possible speeds.

With faster speeds comes more traffic, making monitoring your network more important than ever. Datacom Systems has introduced our latest network tap, the FTP-1518, ideal for permanent, 24x7 access to your fiber network for network analysis, intrusion detection systems, and monitoring applications. The FTP-1518 will tap a Cisco 40G BiDi network link, sending a copy of traffic from each device out of a set of 4 LC monitoring ports. The FTP-1518 gives you access to each wavelength of the fiber connection for monitoring using 40G receive only QSFPs.

One of the major benefits of upgrading to a 40G network using Cisco’s bidirectional technology is the ability to use the existing cable plant, enabling your network to reach faster speeds without overhauling your data center. Installing the FTP-1518 is similarly non-intrusive, generating minimal insertion loss at installation and offering completely passive, fault-tolerant monitoring that’s invisible to the network.

As demand for higher network speeds increases, your organization must be ready to keep pace without dropping a beat – or a packet. As one of the few remaining independent manufacturers of network packet brokers and taps, Datacom Systems works closely with our customers to build network monitoring solutions that match their needs.

When you’re ready to upgrade to 40G network speeds, let our engineering team guide you from start to finish, without compromising your network security.