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VERSAstream NPB Compatibility with Full Line of Cisco Nexus Products

VERSAstream NPB Compatibility with Full Line of Cisco Nexus Products

Jan 26 2015

Datacom Systems is pleased to announce that its popular VERSAstream™ network packet broker is compatible with the full line of Cisco® Nexus ethernet switches for providing efficient traffic monitoring and network surveillance.

Upgrades to manufacturers’ equipment often elicit questions from our customers about improved monitoring and security solutions, such as how specific product lines can be monitored effectively. The release of Cisco Nexus products fueled a number of inquiries about SPAN (switch port analyzer) port usage to monitor traffic on Cisco Nexus products. SPANs are built into most ethernet switches and can send a copy of network packets on one switch port or vlan to another switch port, making it a permanent monitoring port. SPANs (also called port mirrors) have been widely used for network analysis and troubleshooting since they provide a simple, low-cost method to access network traffic with a monitoring device or security probe. SPANs are best used to see traffic from the backplanes of ethernet switches, and can be easily configured by the switch administrator.

There are two important factors to consider when selecting a monitoring device to pair with Cisco Nexus or other switch products: load balancing and packet filtering. Choosing a product that can manage both of these tasks will help protect you against data loss and security threats during continuous use and when upgrading equipment.

Load balancing. To prevent loss of data in the event of failure or while equipment undergoes software upgrades, it’s critical that your monitoring device is able to deploy redundant security tools that can back each other up. Balancing traffic across these ports is becoming more and more important as the volume and complexity of network data increases. This capability will also extend the life of existing devices by distributing traffic across lower speed analysis tools. Even as network speed and volume continue to grow, this flexibility will help preserve your equipment over time.

Data filtering. High-speed aggregate traffic streams can decrease tool efficiency and lead to oversubscription on its ports. To prevent this, ensure that your monitoring device can apply packet filters to your data, allowing the tool to receive only traffic of interest. Customizing and streamlining this data on your device will help the tool maintain speed and allow network and security personnel to easily monitor network links and quickly resolve any issues that arise. 

Datacom Systems’ VERSAstream Network Packet Broker has proven to be an effective device for providing improved monitoring for security, application, and compliance requirements. The VERSAstreams’ speed flexibility, filtering, and load balancing allow users to reduce monitoring costs and extend the life of monitoring tools. As with any device selection, it’s essential that you consider all of your monitoring needs before choosing a manufacturer. Datacom is proud to be an independent manufacturer of Network Packet Brokers and Taps, and our can help you through every step of the selection process.

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