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The Road to SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2015

The Road to SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2015

Dec 01 2015

Cyber security is constantly evolving, often leaving organizations unsure of how to best protect their networks around the clock. The Datacom Systems Sales Team is heading to the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, December 16 to showcase some of our latest tools and resources to help organizations navigate the ever-changing security landscape.

Whether you are joining us in D.C. or following along online, here are the top three takeaways from the Datacom booth at SANS Cyber Defense Initiative:

IP Fragmentation: When the data being transmitted over a network connection exceeds the receiving network’s maximum transmission unit (MTU), it must be broken down into smaller fragments. The IP Fragmentation process, while helping to optimize the network’s overall performance, can also be used by hackers to transport malicious data into your network. Learn how newly released firmware for several of our VERSAstream™ network packet brokers can be used to monitor these attacks in our latest article and see it at SANS on December 16th.

Cloud-Based Network Monitoring: In a recent case study, we explored how Datacom customers are using Wireshark and network taps to see and analyze data between their Carrier demarc and local firewall. With more organizations now moving to cloud-based networks, efficient monitoring is a must. See the tap we recommend for monitoring cloud-based networks, the CTP-1000, at SANS on December 16th and learn more about it here [LINK].

Purpose-Built Hardware: Network monitoring devices purpose built for specific industries can offer organizations a more customized approach to network security. For fast-paced environments like high-frequency trading and VoIP analysis, monitoring devices running at the network’s true wire speed can improve security risk detection. Still undecided about purpose-built versus off-the-shelf hardware? See an in-depth comparison here and explore Datacom’s full line of network packet brokers and taps at SANS on December 16th.

Datacom Systems is wrapping up 2015 with a visit to the SANS Cyber Security Initiative on Wednesday, December 16th. Catch up with our Sales Team and explore the topics impacting network security today at the show and in the links above.

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