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Need More Fiber in Your (Network) Diet?

Need More Fiber in Your (Network) Diet?

Apr 10 2015

For the country’s largest financial institutions, monitoring and analyzing the ever-increasing amount of data flowing through their networks, as well as implementing security systems, is a top priority. At the same time, cost and energy savings are critical to their continued operation. How can organizations, large or small, successfully and economically manage their network security without compromising speed and efficiency?

While copper connections continue to have their merits, today’s network speeds often require a more compatible medium. Fiber links generally offer less latency, consume less power, and generate less heat that can negatively affect your data center over time. In the long run, these factors can help decrease organizations’ investments and power consumption, making fiber an excellent choice for network monitoring and analysis.

In addition to cost savings, the sheer volume of network data is one of the most significant challenges facing network analysis professionals. Fiber taps typically generate less latency than copper devices, and, following minimal loss during installation, provide in-line, passive access to network links. For organizations operating on 40G networks, successfully monitoring the network data simply does not allow for latency, and upgrading from 10G to 40G tools is prohibitively expensive.

Recently, several Datacom Systems customers moved to 40G networks but still needed to monitor them with 10G connections without compromising network visibility, speed, or budgets. From this challenge, we developed the new FTP-1516 series for 40GBase-LR4 links.

The FTP-1516 will tap a 40GBase-LR4 network link, sending copies of the traffic out the 8 10G LR monitor ports. The tap allows you to access a multi-lambda fiber connection and monitor it by combining 4 SFP+ single wavelength ports into one native 40GBase-E interface on your compatible monitoring devices. Completely passive and requiring no electrical power, this fiber tap will not affect network performance or integrity, and in-line access to network links means no loss following initial installation (light loss).

At Datacom Systems, we are proud to be one of the remaining independent manufacturers of taps and network packet brokers, enabling us to maintain close relationships with our customers and to develop new products to suit their changing needs. To explore the new FTP-1516 and other Datacom products, connect with our Engineering team.


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