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Datacom Systems not susceptible to Shellshock Bash Bug

Datacom Systems not susceptible to Shellshock Bash Bug

Sep 29 2014

With the recent concerns over the Shellshock Bash Bug, we've reviewed all the available information to determine if Datacom Systems products were vulnerable to this exploit. Based on our internal testing, no current Datacom Systems products are susceptible to this issue.  We will keep our customers informed of any updates related to this or any future exploits.

Please remember to maintain current support contracts which allow you to download the latest firmware available for your product, and replace the product in event of a hardware issue.  Contact your Datacom Systems Account Manager or Channel Partner for more information on support services.

When receiving new products from Datacom Systems, make sure to register your product on our website.  This will allow us to quickly communicate with customers when security issues like Shellshock arise and notify you of firmware updates or configuration changes that may be required.

To register your products with Datacom Systems click here.