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Datacom Systems releases the new CTP-1000 Link Aggregation Tap, providing visibility for single or dual interface monitoring solutions.

Datacom Systems releases the new CTP-1000 Link Aggregation Tap, providing visibility for single or dual interface monitoring solutions.

Dec 09 2014

Datacom Systems (, a leading manufacturer of network packet brokers, data aggregation tools, and other network access devices, has announced the latest addition to its line of network taps with the CTP-1000 Ethernet Tap for full duplex monitoring.

The CTP-1000 is installed between two network devices, such as firewalls, routers, or switches, allowing traffic to flow between the network points. The tap makes a copy of the data flowing through it, and provides the packet copy to network appliances or tools for application, security, or recording purposes.

The tap features two data transmission modes, aggregation and non-aggregation. When deployed in aggregation mode, the CTP-1000 combines the two full duplex network streams of data together into a single monitoring output, allowing a tool with a single port to monitor full duplex communication on a network link. Since two monitoring ports are available on the CTP-1000 this mode creates identical copies of the aggregate data, allowing multiple tools to monitor the same link. A switch on the back of the tap allows aggregation mode to be turned on or off.

When set to non-aggregation mode, the taps’ A and B monitoring ports will transmit their copies of received traffic exclusively on their corresponding A and B monitoring ports, offering visibility of every packet and allowing the monitoring to run at full line rate.

For increased security, the CTP-1000 does not have MAC addresses, making it essentially invisible to the network. In addition, the copy of traffic into the security or monitoring tool is one-way, preventing access to the security probe or recording device through the tap and making it a non-target for hackers.

The CTP-1000 is designed for quick installation with nothing to configure or setup on the tap, other than the aggregation/non-aggregation mode switch. Additional features include dual redundant power supplies, POE support over the network ports, and AUTO speed negotiation across all ports. For more information about the CTP-1000, visit the Datacom Systems website.

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